Rainbow Fever

Good things come to those who stick out the rain storm (Baldwin Beach, Paia, Maui)


On Christmas Eve I asked my uncle — who has lived on Maui for most of his life — a burning question: “Living on Maui, do you get bored of rainbows?” I’d already convinced myself what his response would be — “Yes, of course, I see ten everyday and by now I hardly notice them at all” — so I was caught off guard when he gave a different response: “Never. Rainbows are like sunsets, each one is unique, each one is beautiful.”


Maui is one of a tiny group of islands located smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Accordingly, the weather there is completely coconuts — sun one minute, pounding rain and gail force winds the next. But along with these wonderful, wild storms comes the beautiful calm after the storm. More often than not, you’ll get a rainbow too. Seriously, the Hawaiian islands are not associated with rainbows for no reason — these suckers are everywhere! Regardless, I’m completely enchanted by each one and I was delighted to hear that my jaded, Hawaiian uncle has rainbow fever too.


Double(!) rainbow on the road home from Hana