Coconuts #2

Song of the Sea

+ Excited for the ten finalists selected this week for the Wearables for Good Challenge. Working with UNICEF to develop the challenge platform over the last five months has been an exciting challenge in itself and it’s amazing to now see the talented teams and innovative ideas that have come out of it.

+ Preparing to tidy (again). Fall is (almost) here and it’s time for my semi-annual apartment purge. If you’re unacquainted with the Japanese wunderkind/tidy queen, Marie Kondo, it’s time to get familiar. I first tried her method this winter after reading her book and it has TRULY enhanced my living space and life.

+ Daydreaming about Song of the Sea since watching it on a plane (finally) last month. Whimsical animation, beautiful music, and a touching story.

+ LOL-ing at Instagram Rules — it’s funny because it’s true. All of it. Speaking of funny Instagram accounts, Hipster Barbie is also worth a look.

+ Following the Seahawks/NFL games even more obsessively on Twitter this year because embedded videos make football season even more fun. #technology

+ Reading this New York Magazine interview with my director fave Nancy Meyers — the mastermind behind Father of the Bride, Parent Trap, It’s Complicated and pretty much every other movie set in the most perfect houses/settings.

Image: Song of the Sea