The Land of Whiskey and Wool

connemara sheep
Connemara National Park


When I was living in Paris I noticed that over Thanksgiving weekend the city was especially packed with American tourists. It makes sense — traveling in the US over Thanksgiving is pretty much guaranteed to be a nightmare and Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday outside of the US so air fares aren’t hiked. That year, I would’ve loved nothing more than to be back in the states eating turkey and stuffing with family.** However, since moving back to New York City in 2010, I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe over the long weekend.


This year, after stumbling upon cheap flights, my boyfriend and I decided to travel to Galway, Ireland. He is familiar with the West Coast of Ireland after having studied spent a semester abroad in Galway in 2007, but for me it was the first time. It was a quick, whirlwind trip, but we had a blast. Read More

A Week on the Greek Islands

Megacholori, Santorini
Wedding Site, Megacholori, Santorini

In early August, I visited the Greek islands for a friend’s wedding. The wedding itself was on Santorini and after four nights there we spent three nights on the island of Paros. The trip was magical, there is truly nowhere else like the Greek islands. Here’s a short list of tips and notes from an unforgettable getaway:

+ Eat local // There’s no need to give list of where to eat because every local taverna is fantastic. In town: ask your hotel/host for recommendations or look for places crowded with Greeks (not tourists). At the beach: see that lone taverna across the street? Go there, you won’t be disappointed.

+ Stray from the beaten path // Yes, Santorini and Mykonos are wonderful, but so are pretty much all the other islands. Added bonus: less crowds means it’s easier to get around and everything is cheaper. While on Paros, we’d jump in the car and drive — with no particular destination in mind — stopping in at beaches, towns, and tavernas as we passed.

Oia, Santorini
Oia, Santorini

+ Stay in an Airbnb // We had five-star hospitality from our Airbnb hosts. Our Paros host (outside Naousa) gave us a welcome basket with homemade items from her garden: olive oil, olive oil soap, fresh grapes and figs, orange preserve, and sour cherry liquor. Our Santorini host (in Oia) made us fresh breakfast each morning, suggested & arranged our dinner reservations every night, and had a rental car dropped off for us. Read More

Three Days in Santa Fe

Memorial Day weekend marked my first trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. An artist’s paradise, scenic Santa Fe is nestled in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. The Spanish-influenced architecture and European vibe remind me of one of my favorite places: New Orleans. It’s kinda like New Orleans’ Mexican, desert little sister.


Driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe feels like traveling through Super Mario World; blue skies are dotted with fluffy, pom-pom-like clouds and round green trees are scattered throughout the small hills. To my delight, Santa Fe was much greener than I anticipated and the adobe buildings with blue doors and window frames are endlessly charming.** The locals wax poetic about their home gushing about the architecture “it’s like living in a museum,” the people “the conversations here are wonderful,” and the climate “300 days of sunshine, bested only by San Diego and Honolulu.” I don’t think a single person we met actually grew up in Santa Fe, it’s a town full of transplants from far and wide.


Taos, a mountain town reached via a scenic 90 minute drive is a small western town also known for galleries and locally-made goods. We drove up there for one day to explore the town and sights in the surrounding area. Well, we drove up there because my boyfriend loves to fly fish. While he passed the morning wetting his line, I got dropped off for a massage (woe is me), and then we spent the afternoon exploring the town and sights in the surrounding area.


You can easily pass three days in Santa Fe simply wandering the streets and taking in all the town has to offer. Poke into shops, galleries, and museums while stopping occasionally to sip on margaritas and load your belly full of delicious New Mexican fare. If you want a little more guidance, here are some tried and true spots from my trip. Read More

Northern Lights

northern lights

This is so fucking cool. Norway is at the top of my travel wish list right now — in part because I’d love to witness mother nature’s magic show that is the Northern Lights in person. This is the coolest video I’ve ever seen of Northern Lights and the filmmakers put extra care into selecting music that complements the incredible footage. So I’ll have to settle for watching via video — for now.
Read More

Lac Papineau

Canadian Fish

A funny thing about getting older is that suddenly your whole life is suddenly planned out for you. Free weekend? What is that?! Every weekend is seemingly filled with weddings, birthdays, annual trips, or local events. All exaggeration aside, the first weekend in October is the first weekend without such an event since mid-May. Should I start freaking out and make plans now or what?
Our annual Labor Day trip to Canada is in its third year and truly only getting better with age. Good friends of ours have a house on Lac Papineau, a private lake in Quebec. There is private…and then there is Lac Papineau private. After an eight hour drive from New York City—some prefer to fly, but I enjoy the road trip, however brutal it may be at times—we arrive at the marina. A lovely French-Canadian named Daniel lives and works at the marina. If you pull up by car or by boat at any hour of the day, Daniel will be there ready to assist. And he has to be, because the only way to reach the handful of houses on Lac Papineau is by boat. Read More

Rhinebeck: An Artist’s Paradise

Saul Lambert Studio

Lambwood. Has there ever been a better name for an upstate NY artist’s retreat? And have two people ever been so lucky as to have last names that come together so nicely? I think not. The best combo my boyfriend and I can come up with is Tomyen…enough said.


In 1989, Saul and Joanna hired a talented architect fresh out of Cooper Union—genius! noted.—to help them design their bright, spacious and energy-efficient space in Rhinebeck, NY. Large windows throughout the house let sunshine stream in, and heat from the central heat stove in the living room is redistributed throughout the whole house. Read More

Rhinebeck: Farmer’s Market

Rhinebeck Farmer's Market

Union Square Greenmarket is only ten minutes from my apartment and it’s pretty spectacular. Many of the stands are run by farmers from the Hudson Valley. But, there is something to be said for going to the farmer’s market in the country—close to the source. I’m sure the prices are better and you’re surrounded by cute shops and barns, rather than traffic lights and exhaust pipes. Read More

Ride It, My Pony

mazama early winters horseback

Ever since I was small, I have this vague “memory” of being on a horseback ride and my horse trying to steer me off a cliff. No one in my family can recall this ride, but the thought of it alone has kept me at a fair distance from horses for most of my life. Until this weekend. Read More