Procreate is the greatest app thing I’ve stumbled across in a long while. Truly! It’s worth $599, but it only costs $5.99. I’ve always loved to draw and sketch and paint, but I rarely find the time these days to simply sit down and create something with a brush and paper. Or even write! Plus all of this requires supplies, water, paint, etc. and my little ol’ Manhattan apartment doesn’t have an inch of space to spare.


Introducing Procreate — a sort of “lite” Photoshop for iPad, but better because you can write directly on the surface (note: stylus > finger). Now I can draw, write, paint and color right from my iPad. I know I know — as with the dawn of the e-book (“but I just love holding a physical book!”) people may be reluctant to move their creative process onto another device. Trust me — it’s amazing. And requires no clean up ;) Read More

Retro Camera

nyc graffiti retro camera

Instagram has taken the world by storm. But way back when—before their simple, beautiful filters entered my world— I had another filter fling with an Android app called ‘Retro Camera.’ You see, being on a Sprint family plan (yes. still.) I couldn’t have an iPhone until later than most. When I did get my greedy hands on my shiny iPhone5 I completely forgot about old-world Android apps like Retro Camera. Until now! Read More