Nice To Meet You

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Hello and welcome to my new ElevenAlphabet blog! I figured my shiny new website deserved a shiny new space for me to share news, updates, and all of my favorite things. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy!

Refresh, Reset, Refocus

whale watching maui trilogy
Whale Watching, Maui

Every New Year’s post follows a simple formula: first, an intro about how the author doesn’t believe in resolutions/finds them cliche, followed by a list of resolutions — given a different name. Because, you know, they aren’t really resolutions. Call them what you will, I always feel inspired to refocus my mind & soul come January 1. alas… Read More

Back to Reality

Kukahiko Estate Wedding Maui Makena

Happy 2014!! After nearly three weeks on Maui — when it starts to feel like home, it’s time to leave — I’m in Seattle for one night before I journey back to the big city. It’s cold, gray, I showered this morning and I’m not wearing a swimsuit — yep..vacation’s over. Three weeks sounds like a long time, but in this digital day and age it actually takes that long to feel like you’ve just experience a true vacation. Week 1: work emails finally taper off, Week 2: the days start to blur into each other, Week 3: relaxation !
My Dad’s family has been living on Maui for 25 years, so we’ve spent time there my entire life. In recent years, Maui Christmas has become an every other year tradition, but this year was extra crazy special because it also included my older sister’s wedding, sandwiched in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Wedding festivities brought nearly forty family and friends together on Maui for a glorious weeklong tropical celebration.
Now it’s back to the cold, back to work, and back to the realization that real life is not endless mai tais, champagne popping, beach daze.
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Less Is More

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The best wardrobe I’ve ever had was probably during high school. My parents still took me shopping and paid for most of my food, and I had no bills so what little income I had was actually able to go towards clothes, or fanciful things like that. Well those days are long long gone. Living in the heart of New York City and doing freelance work to pay the bills while I work on getting Scent Market up and running means one thing: my bills own me.


Welcome to the Good Life


The broke minimalist life in New York City has it’s pros and cons. There’s an abundance of delicious, cheap eats, free events are common, and taking walks in itself is an entertaining activity (and now I have Citi Bike!). But you’re also surrounded by a never ending stream of temptation—this city is a glorified money pit (buyer beware!!). When I first moved here, I practically lived on $2 falafel sandwiches so that I could spend money on clothes instead. Falafels are delicious, but that gets old quick so I’ve learned to cope in a different way: stop buying so much shit.


My true favorite thing about New York City is our teeny apartments. I think my apartment is the most wonderful place on earth, until anyone from any other place in the world comes to visit and a) calls it “cute” or “cozy” and b) tells me I could buy a three-floor mansion where they live with the amount I pay in rent each month. Well I like my cute, cozy New York City apartment because it prevents me from accumulating shit. My sister has like 18 closets in her house, and 17 of them are filled with stuff she hasn’t looked at in the past three years. On the other hand, I literally must clean out my closet every six months. My mom has maybe 20 pairs of the same black flats. On the other hand, I have one pair and they’re fab.


I like jeans and bags and jewelry as much as the next person, but my broke, cramped life is evidence that my level of happiness isn’t going down because I have three pairs of jeans instead of twenty. It just means I have less laundry to do. I’m forced to think about need moreso than want and I’ve also learned that I’m more content spending money on experiences — travel, eating & drinking — than stuff.


For more of the broke, cramped, minimalist life, follow my Less Is More Pinterest board. It’s really just a lot of pictures of neutral, minimalist clothing, but whatev.