Procreate is the greatest app thing I’ve stumbled across in a long while. Truly! It’s worth $599, but it only costs $5.99. I’ve always loved to draw and sketch and paint, but I rarely find the time these days to simply sit down and create something with a brush and paper. Or even write! Plus all of this requires supplies, water, paint, etc. and my little ol’ Manhattan apartment doesn’t have an inch of space to spare.


Introducing Procreate — a sort of “lite” Photoshop for iPad, but better because you can write directly on the surface (note: stylus > finger). Now I can draw, write, paint and color right from my iPad. I know I know — as with the dawn of the e-book (“but I just love holding a physical book!”) people may be reluctant to move their creative process onto another device. Trust me — it’s amazing. And requires no clean up ;) Read More

Nice To Meet You

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Hello and welcome to my new ElevenAlphabet blog! I figured my shiny new website deserved a shiny new space for me to share news, updates, and all of my favorite things. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy!

Warby Parker

warby parker sunglasses eyeglasses griffin ballard boyd

Warby Parker is so big here in New York (where they started), that I’m always surprised there are people out there who don’t know the brand — which is most people outside of New York. For the unfamiliar, Warby Parker makes the best sunglasses and eyeglasses, and every pair is $95. They also happen to have amazing branding. As you can see, they’ve swiftly monopolized my sun and eyeglass wardrobe!


Next on my list: a second pair of Griffin Sunglasses in Blond Tortoise.

Valerie June

Valerie June

Last night I saw my gurl Valerie June live at the Beacon. I’ve been listening to her album Pushin’ Against A Stone non-stop since December and I guess Tomi noticed because he surprised me with the news that she was opening for Sharon Jones and The Dapkings and he’d found tickets. We broke winter hibernation for a night and got in the mood for some southern soul with some southern soul food at The Redhead.


Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Valerie has a perfect southern twang, lovely Medusa locks (seriously though, have you ever seen such gorgeous dreadlocks??) and lungs that could kill. I discovered Valerie while perusing Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2013. I’m super lazy about music — I love it and I have it playing 24/7, but I don’t keep up with anything new — so twice a year I have to sit down and make a focused effort to find new albums & artists to loop for the next few months.


Valerie caught my attention because she worked with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys (whose albums I’ve been looping for a long long time.) After making a playlist of the albums I was intrigued by from the list and shuffling through it a couple times, I found myself coming back to Valerie again and again. I’m no music critic, so I’ll say only this: the album is raw, unique and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.


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World Champs!!


Found these guys in Times Square after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl annihalated the Broncos in Super Bowl 48 (for the record, I knew it was going to be a blow out) and I literally ran jumped into their arms. I couldn’t afford to blow 2 months rent on a ticket to the actual game, but the fact that they won their first Super Bowl the first (and last?) time it’s ever played in New York City while I live here — doesn’t get any better. I watched the game at a friend’s apartment near Times Square (random!) so after the game I walked through to find my people. GO HAWKS!!